March 2017

Best in Show - Heaven White Light Flyweight at Diton

OPEN SHOW - 25th March 2017 
Judge: Simon Roff (BOBUDDY)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge my home show. It was truly an honour. Thank you to all the exhibitors for your entry. Overall I was very pleased with the quality of animals I had to judge and there were a few hard choices in the classes. However I do feel that bone and substance in the breed in general is in decline and very little is being done to address this situation.

BIS: Heaven White Light Flyweight at Diton (IMP FRA) (A & D McCann)
SIRE: CH Bigshot Sugar Daddy 
DAM: CH Heaven White Himalaya's Snow Mountains

BOS: Beebeemi Grandmaster Flash (D Mitchell)
SIRE: CH Feenicks Next Generation at Bullyview
DAM: Work of Art at Beebeemi
BP: Notorious Shockadelica (IMP USA) (P Jaspers and P & H Gooding)
SIRE: CH & AM CH Notorious Never Say Never
DAM: AM CH Bullysmith Barefoot Contessa Dines at Skyline

Veteran Dog or Bitch Entries 2 Absentees 0
1st - Ragnarok Balder at Polanca (L & T Sheppard & Howes)
Red and white boy that’s still in great condition for his age. Good head that has width, depth and fill. Correct ear placement. Muscular neck leading into an excellent shoulder. Correct bone for size and type, good feet. Well angulated rear that still moves him with drive and effortlessly. Well handled.
2nd - Ice Satin's Desire at Quentinhill (D & L Catilina)
White bitch with coloured ears. Very good head with profile, width and fill. Mouth just off. Ears right on top of head and still maintaining a small eye which gives an excellent expression. Short backed girl, moved ok.

Special Beginners Dog Entries 1 Absentees 1

Puppy Dog Entries 1 Absentees 0
1st - Firecommand Ready or Not at Fieldbank (K Burnell)
8 months old red and white terrier type that is up on his leg. Head is a little narrow and could use more profile. Good ear and eye placement, enough bone for type, good feet. Loose on the move but that is due to his age, he will tighten. Needs time to mature.
Junior Dog Entries 1 Absentees 0
1st - Karmara's Criminal Damage (R & T Karta-Williams & Williams)
13 months old white who has a good head with profile and fill. Nice small eye. Ears could be tighter. Strong powerful neck, square dog with good bone and spring of rib. Good rear angulation, moved typical for the breed. Perfect mouth.

Novice Dog Entries 2 Absentees 0
1st - Brookbully General Lee (A Stevens) RBD
Brindle and white cobby type of male. Deep, wide head that is filled right up but lacks just a little in profile. Well placed ears when he puts them up with a tiny dark eye giving a good expression. Perfect mouth, powerful neck leads into a good shoulder. Strong bone, short back, moved well in front a little close behind. Carrying too much weight.

2nd - Brutus of Four Angels (J Thomas)
Red and white boy, different in type from 1st Terrier type dog with a pleasing head, good profile. Good bone for type, tidy feet, well angulated rear, good mouth. Needs to body up.

Post Graduate Dog Entries 2 Absentees 1
1st - Brutus of Four Angels (J Thomas)

Limit Dog Entries 5 Absentees 1
1st - Beebeemi Grandmaster Flash (D Mitchell) BD BOS
Red and white male with very nice head, gentle sweeping profile that’s deep and well filled. Well placed ears giving a good expression. Mouth just off, canines correct. Muscular neck that leads into a good shoulder. Good round bone, noticeable spring of rib. Well angulated rear end, moved well and with drive. In hard condition and very well handled. Happy to give him BD.

2nd - Crisalia Aftermath (C & L Hicks)
White masculine dog, good head with depth and width. Correct mouth, good eye and ear placement giving a punishing expression. Strong neck into a good shoulder, short back. Strong round bone on tight feet, strong rear end that moved him well when he settled although he made his handler work today.

3rd - Miinroc Only the Brave (F Mills)

Res - Brutus of Four Angels (J Thomas)

Open Dog Entries 2 Absentees 1
1st - Brutus of Four Angels (J Thomas)

Special Brood Bitch Entries 2 Absentees 0
1st Ragnarok Daralis with Polanca (L & T Sheppard & Howes)
Brindle and white with excellent profile, head well filled, mouth correct.Long, elegant neck. Correct bonefor size and type, excellent cat like feet. A little long cast, showed to perfection. Moved well and in hard condition which just won her the class.

2nd CH Ukusa at Diton (A & D McCann)
White bitch with red ear of good type, pleasing head with a gentle, sweeping profile and good fill. Incisors just nipped off. Good bone for her type, decent feet, short backed, good front. A little loose underneath. Moved well.

Special Beginners Bitch Entries 1 Absentees 0
1st Beebeemi Chakka Khan (D Mitchell)
White bitch with a pleasing head, gentle profile and enough fill. Well placed ears when she used them and a good eye, perfect mouth. Correct shoulder leading into a good front. Ribs sprung and good round bone. Was a little spooked today and kept looking outside the ring.

Puppy Bitch Entries 4 Absentees 0
1st Notorious Shockadelica (IMP USA) ( P Jasper and P & H Gooding) BP
Solid tri bitch of good proportions. Nice head that had profile, depth and fill. Good ears that are always used and a good eye. Perfect mouth. Good forechest and spring of rib, short back. Feet could be tighter. Moved really well even though her shading on hocks could be deceptive.

2nd Brookbully Quicksilver (J Emett)
Smallish white bitch with black brindle eye. Very nice head with an excellent profile that is filled right up. Ears bang on top and a tiny eye which give a top class expression. Mouth fault. Decent bone and feet, still a little loose at the front and loses topline on the move. Makes her handler work hard.

3rd Ukusa Dalliance for Laronbelle (A & A Twyman)

Res Kaiserbull's Tough Love at Karmara (R & T Karta-Williams & Williams)

Junior Bitch Entries 2 Absentees 0
1st Karmara's Criminal Intent (R & T Karta-Williams & Williams)
Upstanding white bitch with black ears. Elegant head with sweeping profile and enough fill. Good ears and eye placement. Her expression won her this class. Perfect mouth. Long neck leading into a good front, good spring of ribs. Enough bone for type, decent rear. Moved well, shown to perfection.

2nd Miinroc LoveBug (F Mills)
Brindle and white who is well marked. Long head with gentle profile, I would like more fill. Nice eye, decent ears, long reach of neck into a good shoulder and straight front. Good bone and excellent feet. Good rear end and in good hard condition which is a credit to the owner. Moved well, held her topline. Showed well.

Novice Bitch Entries 3 Absentees 2
1st - Quentinhill Devilicious (J Szewczyk) RBB RBIS
White bitch with red ears. Super head in all departments, very eye catching. Excellent eye and ears right on top giving a great expression. Mouth fault. Elegant long neck into a good shoulder and straight front. Well sprung ribs, well angulated rear end, moved well. Enough bone for size, feet could be better. RBB – closest decision of the day.

Post Graduate Bitch Entries 2 Absentees 1
1st - Abenaki Sneaky Peeker (H Bloom)
Brindle and white girl that’s up on her leg. Good head, nicely profiled with enough fill. Good ear set, eye could be better. Perfect mouth, good under jaw. Long graceful neck into good shoulders, straight front. Lovely bone and good feet, well angulated rear end. Moved well and held her top line. Well handled.

Limit Bitch Entries 0 Absentees 0

Open Bitch Entries 2 Absentees 1
1st - Heaven White Light Flyweight at Diton (IMP FRA) (A & D McCann) BB BIS
White bitch with a black ear. Very typy bitch, lovely head that has a classical gentle sweeping profile that’s well filled. Good ear set and a small eye giving a lovely expression. Perfect mouth. Nice elegant neck into well placed shoulders and a good fore chest. Good bone for her type, feet could have been just a bit tighter. Well angulated rear, moved well both ways, just drops her top line a little. Very well presented and handled. Happy to award her Best Bitch in a close decision.
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